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The Duel Academy Alliance
The Duel Academy Alliance is now active!

The Duel Academy Alliance (a.k.a DAA) is meant to unite the all the academies of the Yu-Gi-Oh universe and for the betterment of all the academies within its ranks. With the combined help of all the leaders of our fellow academies, we can strive for a stronger union of duelists.

With the help of the DAA, academies that were …

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December 2018
Academy Alliances

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 Student Placement Test

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PostSubject: Student Placement Test   Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:12 pm

Student Placement Test

There will be a series of three tests to discover which house best suits your skill level!

All decks are allowed, except FTK, OTK, Burn, Stall, and Mill.

Here is how you will be tested:

You will receive 10 points for each victory you obtain. You can only obtain a max. 30 points from victories alone.

The next aspect you will be tested on will be your deck creativity. You can only obtain a max. 30 points from this section. Creativity is divided into two sections: # of cards & overall creativity.

# of cards: 4-45 = 5 points, 46-50 = 3 points, and 51-60 = 0 points per duel. You can only receive up to 5 points for this aspect each duel.

Creativity will be based on what kind of deck you used. This is mainly up to your professor, but points will be deducted for using Meta Decks and other cookie-cutter decks. You can only receive up to 5 points for this aspect in each duel.

The next aspect is your skill. Your professor will judge how well you dueled according to your strategy, any mistakes you made, and your knowledge of rulings. Professors will occasionally make mistakes, and extra points will be given if you catch these mistakes. You will be given 0-10 points per duel, 30 points max. total.

The final aspect is your overall attitude for the entire testing period. Your professor will judge this and give you an overall score between 0 and 10.

After the three testing duels are done, he will add your scores together for each duel and give you your final score. They will then post the results in the test results section and you will be moved to the appropriate house.

This is how your professor will post your results:

Wins: ?/30

Creativity: ?/30

Skill: ?/30

Attitude: ?/10

Total: ?/100

According to your score, you will be placed in one of the following houses and receive the minimum amount of wins required for that house:

0-69 + 0 wins - The House of Tiragon
70-79 + 15 wins - The House of Shineelf
80-89 + 30 wins - The House of the Leviathan Dragon
90-100 + 60 wins - The House of Steelswarm

You cannot enter the House of Tiras via the placement test. You will have to rank-up to join it.

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Student Placement Test
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